The Characteristics of Outdoor Rattan Furniture


First of all, rattan furniture is very breathable and f […]

First of all, rattan furniture is very breathable and feels very refreshing. Generally, the simpler rattan wood color in the pictures of rattan furniture is helpful to calm the nerves. In summer, if we can use rattan furniture as much as possible in our bedroom, it will be very beneficial to summer heat and sleep. Warm in winter and cool in summer is a characteristic of rattan furniture. In addition, rattan furniture has to go through a series of processes such as cooking, drying, bleaching, mold prevention, disinfection and sterilization during the original processing process, making it very durable. This is also one of the reasons for the higher price of rattan. Rattan furniture can achieve biodegradation in the air, so the use of our rattan furniture is very environmentally friendly and will not cause more environmental pollution

Rattan furniture is a new Chinese style. New Chinese rattan furniture series products, simple beauty, meticulous texture and natural appearance, its design is not only full of unique Asian style, but also reflects the connotation of the integration of Eastern and Western cultures. Its unique Zen connotation highlights a low-key temperament of "great hidden in the city", which can make people feel at ease, like falling flowers and flowing water, and get rid of impetuous and anxious mentality.

Has the following characteristics of inshare rattan furniture:

1. Environmental protection (more environmentally friendly than solid wood, because solid wood is made of glue), the rattan is handmade, without any industrial pollution;   

2. It is a leisure product (living in a relaxed and leisure environment is the goal that people pursue and yearn for), returning to nature is the tireless pursuit of modern urban people;

3. It has a sense of art and is highly ornamental, and can be used as art decoration;

4. Warm in winter and cool in summer, more seasonal than leather and fabric furniture;

5. Durable, properly maintained, generally have a service life of 20-30 years;

6. It has the value of upgrading, preservation and collection, which is mainly reflected in: rattan is a natural resource, natural plant; traditional handicrafts, long life;

7. The surface is newer and newer, and the use value is higher. (Leather and cloth sofas will become older and older, while rattan furniture is a woody trailing plant with long texture fibers, which have the characteristics of being brighter and brighter);

8.Traditional craftsmanship, classical and beautiful, long-lasting rhyme, it is a durable product, never out of date;

9.Improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, reflect the owner's taste in life, and have the advantages of cultivating temperament;

10. Rattan furniture is more in line with the modern pursuit of low-carbon environment and green life, full of natural atmosphere, quiet and indifferent.

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