Advantages and Disadvantages of Rattan Furniture Outdoor


Rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture in Chin […]

Rattan furniture is one of the oldest furniture in China. Rattan furniture is very tough and can withstand natural wind and sun. Its service life is very long. Moreover, rattan is a product of nature. Making outdoor furniture is perfect

Rattan furniture is purely handmade. The original processing procedures of rattan materials are quite complicated. After strict processing, it has the characteristics of good flexibility, strong air permeability, natural texture, refreshing feel, and comfortable and unique characteristics, making it the most environmentally friendly product. Not restricted by locality and seasonality, it has great toughness, mothproof and moisture-proof, durable, the more you use it, the more beautiful, home green products, the more you use, the more beautiful, the more you use, the more shiny!

As people’s awareness of environmental protection has gradually increased and the trend of returning to nature is admired, various rattan and weaving crafts have begun to enter the homes of ordinary people and become a new round of home decoration fashion. Let's briefly understand what are the advantages and disadvantages of rattan furniture?

Advantages of rattan furniture

The raw materials are sufficient, so the price is cheaper than solid wood furniture;

Less glue consumption, environmental protection and health;

The air permeability of rattan furniture is better than solid wood furniture;

Use it to cool in summer;

Super flexible and can make all kinds of shapes;

Scratch-resistant, durable, firm, and long-lasting

Environmentally friendly and practical, rattan furniture is made by hand, no industrial pollution;

It is a leisure furniture product, which can always bring people back to the original feeling no matter when and where, so that the home is full of warm and romantic pastoral atmosphere;

Traditional craftsmanship, classical and beautiful, with a long-lasting charm, it is a durable product that will never go out of style;

Improve the living environment, improve the quality of life, reflect the owner's taste in life, and have the advantage of cultivating temperament;

Low-carbon, environmentally friendly, natural and quiet.

Disadvantages of rattan furniture

When using and storing, do not make it touch or close to fire and heat sources, and do not expose it to the sun for a long time, otherwise it is easy to fade, dry, deform, bend, crack, loose and disconnect.

Since there are many places where dust is hidden on the surface of rattan furniture, when cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner or use a soft brush to wipe the floating dust from the inside to the outside, then wipe it with a damp cloth, and finally dry with a soft cloth.

After using it for a period of time, wipe the rattan with light salt water, which can not only decontaminate but also make it flexible and durable, and has a certain effect of preventing brittleness and insects.

Refurbishment method of natural rattan furniture: clean and dry first, then sand the outer rattan frame with sandpaper to decontaminate and restore the smoothness of the skin, and then varnish for protection.

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