How to Stop Your Rattan Furniture from Splitting


Today many people choose to furnish their homes with ra […]

Today many people choose to furnish their homes with rattan furniture. Not only is this furniture extremely practical, but it also adds character to any room it is placed in. Rattan furniture is also commonly used as garden furniture, as its natural look blends in well with garden surroundings, whilst also adding a touch of luxury.

Whilst rattan is not too expensive, at the same time it is not the cheapest of materials, so you will want to make sure that you keep your rattan lounges, dining sets and stools in an excellent condition. oner rather than later. Irrespective of the style, rattan furniture needs proper care and maintenance to help you avoid unnecessary costs of replacing your furniture. This article explores some of the tips you can apply to extend the lifespan of your rattan garden furniture.

Removing dust

If you keep your rattan dining set inside, it is likely to get dusty, just as the rest of the furniture in your house does. The best way to remove dust from your rattan furniture is to use your vacuum cleaner. Simply swap the main attachment for the small brush attachment. Take off the cushions and seat pads from the chairs, plugin your vacuum cleaner and move the small brush gently across the furniture. Vacuuming your rattan furniture using the small brush attachment is probably the quickest and easiest way to remove loose dust and dirt.

Alternatively, if your vacuum cleaner does not have a small brush attachment, you can simply use a non-abrasive brush instead. Anything like a paintbrush, toothbrush or nailbrush will do the trick. Simply dust your brush over your furniture and it will have it looking clean and beautiful in no time at all. It is recommended that you dust your rattan furniture at least once a week to keep it in a good condition.

Storing Garden Furniture

Storing your furniture when not in use helps to prevent it from destructive elements, including dust, rain, sunlight, changing temperatures, and moisture. You can keep the furniture inside your house or garage. Ensure that the storage place is safe from moisture. Alternatively, you can protect the furniture with a protective cover. Be sure that the cover is water proof to prevent the furniture from moisture or rain damage.

Clean Any Stains Immediately

Fresh stains are easy to remove than dry ones. Clear the furniture of any stains as soon as you notice them. Failure to clean the stains early enough may result in stubborn stains, which may destroy the look of your rattan. Use a soft cloth and detergent to scrub any stains. Use a toothbrush for stubborn stains

Protect Your Furniture Legs

Pulling and pushing your rattan furniture causes scratching and wearing out of the furniture legs. Continued scratching causes the legs to split, and this may weaken your furniture. To avoid this problem, install rubber feet on your furniture. Rubber feet have the ability to absorb the impact created when dragging your furniture.

Proper Use of Rattan Furniture

Using your rattan furniture the wrong way may result in weakening and damage. For instance, sitting on the arms of the furniture may weaken the framework of your furniture. You should avoid stepping on your furniture with your shoes. Additionally, allowing your pet to sit on the furniture may cause scratching, staining, and other damages.

Additional Tips and Advice

Although you may have bought your rattan for outdoors, it is always best to store them in a dry, cool aerated environment.

Always use rubber stoppers under the feet of rattan. This will help prevent any cracks or split in the material.

Ensure you used boiled linseed oil. Raw linseed oil will not dry or harden on your rattan furniture. You do not boil the oil yourself, you can buy it at most hardware store, such as this.

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