How to maintain outdoor furniture of different materials


Different from ordinary indoor furniture, outdoor furni […]

Different from ordinary indoor furniture, outdoor furniture must have sun protection, water resistance, and corrosion resistance because it is placed outdoors for a long time. Although outdoor furniture has these characteristics, daily cleaning and maintenance are still indispensable. Because it is placed outdoors, the usual dust accumulation will agglomerate on the furniture for a long time. When exposed to water, some areas will be in a humid state for a long time, which will corrode the furniture, especially the furniture hardware. For example, stainless steel table feet, cast iron table feet, aluminum alloy table feet, etc. in outdoor tables. Special attention should be paid to the metal parts of outdoor furniture.
Outdoor furniture is generally treated with a special waterproof, sunscreen, and anti-corrosion technologies, and it is much easier to clean than ordinary furniture.
Aluminum alloy: If there are stains on the surface, please wipe with clean water, do not use concentrated acid or strong alkaline cleaner.
Teslin cloth: Simply wash with a cloth and clean water.
Wooden tables and chairs: wipe with a rag, do not scratch with hard objects, so as not to damage the waterproof layer of the surface.
PE rattan: PE rattan furniture can be cleaned with a soft brush, rag, or vacuum cleaner, and should be prevented from collision and scratches by knife tips or hard objects. PE rattan can be moisture-proof, anti-aging, insect-proof, and infrared-resistant, so you don't have to worry too much about maintenance.
Furniture materials: Due to the soft texture, plastic parts should avoid collision with hard objects and cannot be cleaned with metal brushes to prevent bumps and scratches by hard objects. The cleaning agent can be an ordinary detergent, and if cracks appear, they can be repaired by the hot-melt method.
Furniture metal fittings: Prevent bumping and scratching the surface of metal fittings when moving, damage to the surface of metal fittings will affect its corrosion resistance. Don't stand on top of folding furniture, so as not to deform the folding part and affect the use. Just occasionally scrub with warm soapy water, do not clean with strong acid or strong alkaline cleaners, so as not to damage the surface protection and rust.
Tempered glass: Although tempered glass is harder than ordinary glass, it is necessary to avoid collision with hard objects, especially at the corners of the glass, to prevent damage and fragmentation due to collisions. Do not use corrosive cleaners to clean the glass surface, let alone scrape the surface with hard objects or metal cleaning brushes, to prevent surface damage due to hard object wiping.