What is the difference between hotel furniture and civil furniture


When we buy furniture, we will find that there are many […]

When we buy furniture, we will find that there are many kinds of furniture, hotel furniture, civil furniture, and office furniture. Today, the editor will give an example of two relatively close pieces of furniture, hotel furniture, and civil furniture. In fact, in the subconscious of many people, hotel furniture and civil furniture are the same. In fact, it is not. Hotel furniture needs to be determined according to the hotel style. Therefore, the furniture design needs to have the characteristics of both elegant and popular, and civilian furniture does not need to have this.
The design of hotel furniture is the same as that of guests from different countries in the world. Therefore, more attention should be paid to humanization in the details of furniture design. Be careful not to bruise the head; hotel furniture is required to be simple and vivid, and use bump lines as much as possible to facilitate the cleaning and hygiene of maintenance personnel. Material differences.
Hotel furniture is more damaged than civilian furniture, guests have different levels, and the concept of furniture care is not consistent, so the material requirements are also very different:
Hotel furniture is suitable for veneer furniture with high hardness, wear-resistance and scratch resistance, coffee table, desk, etc. Guests tend to smoke here and accidentally burn the surface of the furniture. The design should be considered for countertop fire prevention performance, which can provide fire resistance against materials or glass;
Civilian furniture usually does not need to consider this.
Flame retardancy should be considered for armchair fabrics, but not for domestic furniture.
Hotel furniture has good waterproof and moisture-proof performance;
The hotel bathrooms with guest rooms are mostly affected by wet towels, steam, and seasonal changes, which will cause furniture deformation, edge sealing, mildew, etc., which will affect the appearance of the furniture, damage the image of the hotel, and directly affect the hotel occupancy rate; civilian furniture is relatively low.
maintenance differences
Compared with civil furniture, hotel furniture is relatively difficult to maintain. The owners of civil furniture love to cherish their property and should be careful when using it;
However, the cleaning workload of hotel furniture is large, and solid wood furniture is often difficult to wax. Moreover, if the furniture is not thoroughly waxed before cleaning, waxing will make the surface of the furniture blurred and reduce the resolution. After the waxed furniture is repaired, the damage is more difficult, and the color Lighter, it's harder to stick to paint, so new hotel furniture is as unwaxed as possible.
However, the hotel furniture is made of solid wood, without paint technology, and after special waterproof treatment, its furniture has the characteristics of fireproof, wear-resistant, waterproof, and moisture-proof, no waxing is required, and maintenance is convenient.


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