How to improve the weather resistance of outdoor furniture


Wood comes from nature, cracking is the nature of trees […]

Wood comes from nature, cracking is the nature of trees; sun and rain, insects and ants are the catastrophes that trees must go through. A lot of outdoor furniture is derived from wood. It does not seek furniture to be "immortal", but seeks "longevity". We can improve the weather resistance of furniture and prolong the service life of furniture through wood wax oil.
Weather resistance refers to the comprehensive damage caused by various materials used in outdoor weather, such as sunlight, temperature changes, wind and rain, bacteria, insects, etc. A series of aging phenomena, the resistance of the material during this period is called weather resistance. So how to improve the weather resistance of outdoor wood products?
Outdoors, due to the large temperature difference, large humidity changes, and strong ultraviolet light, the expansion, and contraction of wood will be much larger than indoors. A large number of strong ultraviolet rays cause photodegradation, and the wood is easy to warp and crack; when the temperature difference between rain and snow hits, the color of the wood is dull and dull; coupled with the erosion of insects and ants, the outdoor wood is more prone to mildew and rot. In response to such a problem, we urgently need to use wood wax oil to protect outdoor wood products to improve their weather resistance.
Wood wax oil is different from traditional print, there is no paint film on the surface of the wood; oil molecules fully penetrate into the wood to improve the tightness of wood fibers; wax molecules adhere to the wood surface, showing the effect of open texture and clear texture, with a warm and moist hand. It can improve the beauty of the wood itself, and also improve the hardness and wear resistance of the wood. The oil in the wood wax oil penetrates deeply into the wood pores for protection, and the wax forms an unsealed protective film on the surface, which can be freely adjusted with the weather changes to achieve effective weather resistance.
Wood products painted with wood wax oil are resistant to cold and heat, effectively protecting wood shrinkage in cold weather; effectively protecting wood expansion in hot weather, long-term corrosion resistance and weather resistance, and prolonging the service life of outdoor wood products. The adhesion of the wax film can effectively resist the erosion of outdoor insects and ants and the growth of fungi; from the inside to the outside, from the outside to the inside, it gives double protection to the outdoor wood.