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What is the best fabric for outdoor furniture?As more p […]

What is the best fabric for outdoor furniture?As more people want to spend their time in spaces outside their homes, the demand for outdoor furniture continues to rise. Deciding on what fabric to use for your outdoor furniture can be overwhelming as there are several choices available. Having said this, understanding the kind of fabrics that are suitable for the outdoors will give you an advantage.

1, cotton sofa

The fabric sofa of cotton pad is soft and breathable, naturally environmentally friendly, very close to the skin, is the most widely market share. The idyllic style uses the most in the cotton sofa.

Features: Cheap, most color color, but the elasticity is poor, easy to crumple, easy to die, less resistant.

2, fleece sofa

The fleece sofa gives the most profound impression in it is super fine, gentle touch. From the past corduroy, until the current suede, the velvet sofa transforms the identity in the congestion and elegant. Compared with other fabrics, the velvet coil is expensive, and the best velvet is 500 yuan / meter.

Features: There is a fashionable shape, good color showing effect, dustproof, anti-fouling and other advantages, but it is easy to static.

3, burlap sofa

The most fascinating place of the burlap sofa is much better in good thermal conductivity. Even if it is hot in summer, it is not necessary to worry that there will be a sweat-sweating. The texture of the burlap sofa is close and soft, hard and hard, with a quaint and natural temperament.

Features: Compare wear resistance, it is not easy to pleas, do not fade, can not stand up, will not produce static electricity, and will not mold in wet place.

4, blended sofa

The cotton material is blended with chemical fiber materials, which can present or visual effects of silk, or flannel, or tabs, but the pattern and colors are not natural and pure, and the price is relatively inexpensive. In recent years, with the rise of differential chemical fibers and mixed, the rise of mixing, plus the improvement of the improvement process, the soft feeling and high simulation effect of the mixed fabric can be almost fade.

Features: easy to washes, colorful, strong and durable, elastic.

5, leather binding sofa

The place where the drills such as the back armrests are not easy to remove, while other places where the human body is intimate contact and easy to remove, the leather cloth uses the same color system. Now the fabric of the latest PM cloth binding sofa is made of nanomaterial production, it is more convenient to clean. It is understood that there is still a seemingly cradle on the market, in fact, the sofa of the fabric, such as the red blizzard sofa, the wheat high fiber cloth sofa.

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