Why Resin Wicker Is a Favorite for Furniture


Synthetic Resin is a plastic-like material that is made […]

Synthetic Resin is a plastic-like material that is made by a process called polymerization. The choice of and quantity of chemicals you combine to form the resin determines the kind and quality of resin used to make wicker or any other resin furniture. In addition to the base resin chemicals, additives are combined to the resin for color, flexibility and to allow the resin to resist ultraviolet light. Ultraviolet light deteriorates plastics faster than anything else. So, choosing furniture that you want to last a long time that is used in the direct sunlight is an important consideration.

Some resins have proven themselves to be good or not so good for outdoor use. Some resist fading quite well while others show signs of the surface oxidation process the strip the color right out of the resin and weaken it to the point where it becomes ugly and brittle.

Here’s why resin wicker is a favorite:

Lightweight and easy to move

Comfortable and kid friendly

Weather resistant

Resistant to pool water and chlorine

Available in lots of styles and colors


You may have heard of Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) plastic. This resin is used in lower grade furniture. It generally has a shiny surface and if burned, gives off deadly fumes. PVC furniture is not recommend for indoor use. In the event of a house fire, fire fighters can be overcome quickly by the fumes given off of the PVC. This type of resin does not have a long life exposed to the sun.

Polyethylene (PE)

A highly desirable type of resin that is being used today for higher grade wicker furniture and other outdoor products is polyethylene PE. PE wicker presents a higher quality texture, durability and flexibility than other resins which is why it is used for higher end wicker and other furniture products. Depending on the amount of inhibitors and additives in the resin, the longer lasting and higher quality of resin. PE wicker is recommended for both indoor and outdoor use. In fact, many people are now furnishing their homes with PE wicker. PE wicker is great for four season rooms, sunrooms and family rooms. Its durable and available in colors that lend to the indoors.


Polypropylene resin is another popular resin that is used to make outdoor furniture. This resin is not bad but degrades faster than Polyethylene resin.

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