Where Is Rattan Furniture Suitable for


The rattan material for rattan furniture comes from Ind […]

The rattan material for rattan furniture comes from Indonesia's natural rattan material. Indonesia is located at the equator and has a typical tropical rainforest climate. Sun and rain are plentiful all year round. Every corner of the island is filled with ash left by the eruption of a volcano, which is very fertile. Under this unique natural condition, the growing rattan is very full, well-proportioned, strong, and the rattan has a firm texture and strong toughness. In addition, it has poor thermal conductivity and is warm in winter and cool in summer, making it suitable for rattan furniture. In southern my country, people are accustomed to using rattan to make cabinets, cabinets, tables, tables, screens, shelves, chairs, tables and beds. Quite heroic and elegant style, so that the rattan furniture without losing the simple, natural, fresh and refreshing characteristics, but also full of modern and fashionable features, and full of modern and fashionable charm. Rattan furniture because of the low income of the craftsmen who weave rattan, and young people are unwilling to learn such handicraft skills, rattan furniture is on the verge of no one to succeed. With the gradual enhancement of people's environmental protection awareness and the increasingly prevalent trend of returning to nature, various rattan and green craft products have begun to enter thousands of households and become a new round of home decoration fashion.

Rattan furniture has also begun to combine some other materials and elements to create more beautiful and practical furniture. The rattan woven sofa is matched with fabric cushions and pillows to make the traditional rattan furniture present a European style like jade rattan. This coffee table uses a rattan woven base, but uses a glass surface, which shows a modern sense of clarity. . Rattan furniture also plays an important role in ecology. It can not only adapt to degraded forests and poor soils, but also grow well in natural forests without disturbing the original ecological structure and balance. The form is very unique, and the unique attraction created by the traditional handicrafts it exhibits. Therefore, all over the world, it is ignorant because of its elegant and concise appearance. Moreover, it has undergone strict processing. There is no pollution, and it can be recycled.

Advantages of rattan furniture:

1. Environmental protection and practicality, rattan furniture is made by hand, no industrial pollution;

2. It is a leisure furniture product, which can always bring people back to the original feeling no matter when and where, so that the home is full of warm and romantic pastoral atmosphere;

3. With artistic sense, smooth lines and unique craftsmanship, it integrates practicability and appreciation, and can be used as art decoration;

4. Warm in winter and cool in summer, it is more seasonal than leather and fabric furniture, and fully meets all your needs for furniture in the four seasons;

5. Durable, properly maintained, generally have a service life of 20-30 years;

6. It has the value of upgrading, preservation and collection, mainly reflected in: rattan is a natural resource, natural plant; traditional handicrafts, long life;

Disadvantages: the ultraviolet rays in the sun will make the rattan degenerate and brittle, and long-term sunlight will make our rattan furniture fade

Rattan furniture is not only suitable for outdoor open spaces such as balconies, courtyards, terraces, but also extends to indoor leisure spaces because of its comfortable, chic and natural design. At present, more and more home spaces choose outdoor leisure furniture, such as living rooms, Bedroom, study, etc. Muhong rattan furniture has a heavy feeling different from wood and leather furniture, and it shows a natural and relaxed posture, creating a freehand leisure world.

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