The Development and Advantages of Rattan Furniture Set


The rattan for rattan furniture set comes from natural […]

The rattan for rattan furniture set comes from natural rattan in Indonesia which is located in the equator. It has a typical tropical rainforest climate. There is plenty of sunshine and rain all year round. Every corner of the island is volcanic ash left after the eruption of the volcano, which is very fertile. Under this unique natural condition, the growing rattan is very full and well-proportioned, thick and strong, with a firm rattan texture and strong toughness, combined with poor thermal conductivity, and warm winter and cool summer, suitable for rattan furniture.

In southern China, people are accustomed to using rattan to make cabinets, cases, screens, shelves, chairs, tables, and beds. The bold and elegant style makes the rattan furniture full of simplicity, nature, freshness and refreshing characteristics, full of modern flavor and fashionable characteristics and full of modern flavor and fashionable charm.

Rattan Furniture Set is low-income because of the craftsmen who weave rattan utensils, and young people are reluctant to learn such craftsmanship. Rattan furniture are facing the situation that there will be no followers.

With the gradual enhancement of environmental protection awareness of people and the increasing popularity of returning to nature, various rattan and green craft products have begun to enter thousands of households, becoming a new round of home decoration fashion.

Rattan furniture set has also begun to combine some other materials and elements to create more beautiful and practical furniture. The rattan woven sofa is paired with fabric cushions and pillows to give the traditional rattan furniture a European style like jadeite rattan. This coffee table uses a rattan woven base, but uses a glass surface, showing a modern sense of clarity .

Rattan furniture also plays an important role in ecology. It can not only adapt to degraded forests and poor soil, but also grow well in natural forests without disturbing the original ecological structure and balance. The form is very unique, and the unique appeal created by the traditional handicrafts it displays, therefore, it is greatly obscured by its elegant and concise appearance around the world. Moreover, it has undergone strict processing. It can be recycled without pollution.