Analysis Of The Future Development Of Furniture


Furniture is closely related to people's lives, reflect […]

Furniture is closely related to people's lives, reflecting the state and way of human existence, reflecting the aesthetic concepts and tastes of human beings of different nationalities in different periods, carrying different customs and religious beliefs. In modern society, popular culture has become an indispensable part of people's lives.


1. Trend of rattan furniture market


Rattan furniture and leisure furniture and other aesthetically appealing furniture are being accepted by people. Grasping the visual and psychological aesthetic needs of modern consumers for innovation, novelty, and interest is an important issue in the production and sales of modern furniture. The most distinctive feature of rattan furniture is the beauty of its weaving level. The organic curves are lively and stretched, which can induce space interest.


2. Changes in consumer groups


The groups that patronize the furniture market and the furniture properties they have expected have undergone great changes. 1. The younger generation is the mainstream of furniture consumption. After 80, 90 became the mainstream. 2. The knowledge structure and life attitude of consumer groups are changing. 3. The level of income directly reflects the desire and ability of consumers to purchase furniture.


3 Popular trend of changes in rattan furniture in the future


1. Comfortable, practical and convenient to carry: Rattan furniture and leisure furniture should pay attention to the functional requirements of "people-oriented". Rattan furniture and leisure furniture should be combined with the current housing structure, focusing on small size and easy folding. Such as three small balcony, leisure rattan folding chairs and so on. ,


2. The color of rattan furniture is in harmony with the modern living room environment, and at the same time it can reflect the temperament and hobby of the owner. It will be the personalized theme of the popular color of rattan furniture in the future. Each product can be used as a good piece of art alone and quickly integrated into the interior space. The main feature of each product is the use of materials to express a mechanism of beauty, allowing the texture of the mechanism to extract more materials. inner beauty. For example: rattan sofa, high bar counter (chair).


3. Replace furniture with home. Modern people pursue quality of life and enjoy a comfortable lifestyle. Pursuing individuality is the concept of modern home furnishing, which is the concrete expression of shifting from "following" consumption to "sensible" consumption. For example: lounge chair, wine bottle set, etc.


In short, constantly changing in style, constantly updating in function, and constantly improving in technology are the development trend of China's furniture production.