Maintenance and Cleaning of Leather Sofa


The leather sofa has always been a model of luxury and […]

The leather sofa has always been a model of luxury and style, and it is favored by people because of its durable and sleek characteristics. High-quality leather sofas are expensive, and to extend their service life and maintain a new look, proper maintenance is a must.

Wipe the visible dust on the surface of the leather sofa with a soft cloth dampened with warm water. First moisturize the leather of the sofa, wipe it with a soft cloth and soak the eggs, so that the leather will get the most effective care. Make the dermis beautiful, soft, moisturized, and clean as new. The egg white has the effect of tightening the leather oil control. This is the best for the leather sofa, and it will be more efficient when cleaning;approximately2-5After a minute, then use a soft brush similar to a toothbrush, etc., until the dirt falls off.

Rinse the soft cloth with clean water, wring it out by hand, fold it up, hold the folded soft cloth, spray some warm water until it is slightly damp, wipe the sofa, gently rub it, do not rub hard, wipe each part in order. Repeated spraying of warm water to keep the fabric slightly wet until the completion of the nursing procedure, reducing the ductility of the skin, thus extending the life of the sofa. Then use a clean soft cloth to collect the dirt and dry the sofa to achieve a clean effect.

After cleaning, wipe the sofa with leather sofa care solution, which will have better cleaning, care, and anti-fouling effect, and also extend the life of the leather sofa. This maintenance should be done at least once a week, taking care to remove dead spots and dust from the fabric structure.

Maintenance of leather sofas: After sitting for a long time, you should often pat the seat parts and edges to restore the original shape and reduce the slight depression caused by mechanical fatigue due to concentration. Leather is a natural material that requires simple and basic care. It is recommended to wipe with distilled water and a soft cloth every week, and use colorless shoe wax or moisturizing grease once a month.

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