5 Tips to Achieve Furniture Maintenance


1. The most necessary thing is to hydrate Now the weath […]

1. The most necessary thing is to hydrate

Now the weather is drier, the interior is drier, and that wooden furniture needs to be hydrated. Basin fish can be raised at home. For example, there is a fish tank, so that the water will increase. Besides, it is also possible to use a humidifier.

2. Hydration should also be appropriate, not wet

Hydration and moisture are not the same. Everyone knows that wooden furniture needs to be moisture-proof, so the two sound a bit ambiguous. They need to be waterproof and hydrated. The two do not interfere. Because moisture-proof refers to more moisture, but hydration is only to ensure the indoor humidity, not to directly drop water on the furniture, or directly on it, which is not possible. Excessively humid furniture can easily deform and crack.

3. Dust-proof in dry weather

It is because the weather is dry, so there is more dust. Maintaining furniture is about the same as maintaining skin. You must wipe the dust off the furniture frequently. You can put more pots of green plants at home. Also helped. Also, you can stick a dust bar at the entrance, so that you can remove the dust after entering the door.

4. Avoid direct sunlight

Many wooden furniture can never be refracted by the sun all the time, especially the kind of pure solid wood furniture because the moisture content of such furniture is not high originally, if it is always easy to change color by direct sunlight, the paint on the surface will fade. There is also easy cracking and deformation. Therefore, the placement of wooden furniture is very important. Do not lean against the window, or you will be exposed to direct sunlight.

5. Avoid being scratched by hard objects

Almost all furniture is to be prevented from being scratched, otherwise, it is easy to be scratched, such as wooden furniture, and that kind of painted furniture, repairing after scraping also requires a lot of money, such as the price of baking paint is very expensive not cheap. Therefore, pay attention to maintenance and use a soft cloth when scrubbing. Click insharefurniture.com to learn more information.