Key Considerations When Selecting Dining Chairs


Here are some key considerations you need to have when […]

Here are some key considerations you need to have when selecting dining chairs, and how to find the right ones for your home.


Now you may be wondering how dining chairs differ from other types of chairs, such as arm chairs, benches or stools. Keep in mind that a dining chair needs to be of a certain height in order to complement the dining table.

As a guide, the height of a dining table is usually around 30 inches, while a dining chair's height is around 19 inches. This leaves about 11 inches of space between the chair and the table top.

A chair that's too high will cause you to slouch, while a chair that's too low will make it uncomfortable for you to dine on the table.


In order to know the design of dining chairs suitable for your dining area, you need to think about the shape and size of your dining table.

Dining chairs without arms are ideal for smaller and round tables, while benches and chairs with arms go well with longer or rectangular tables.


Dining chairs are important in completing the entire look of your dining area, so you need to know what's the final look you are going for.

You can get a set of matching chairs in the same colours if you want a more formal and classic look, but for homeowners who are adventurous and bold, they can consider mixing and matching a variety of chairs around the table to create an eclectic and sophisticated feel.


Now when budgeting for your dining chairs remember that you are not just buying one chair for the dining area, so you will need to multiply the cost by four or more.

If you have a tight budget, why not consider getting a long bench instead? Benches are a great space-saving alternative for narrow dining areas and homes with children!


How much time do you spend around your dining table?

If you love to chill out around the table and play board games when our friends are around, you might want to consider making the space more comfortable with dining chairs with cushions.

But if you prefer to spend more time around the sofa or in front of the TV, you can just go for un-upholstered chairs.


If space is a constraint in your dining area, you will need to think about how to accommodate more people around the dining area when your guests arrive.

You can consider getting stackable chairs or extra stools that can be stacked and put away when they are not needed.


Lastly, remember to feel the weight of the dining chairs before getting them. The heavier they are, the harder you'll have to push and drag them around the floor when you are getting in and out of the chair.

If you have delicate marble or parquet floors in your dining area, choose chairs that are light and easy to hold up to protect your floors from scratches.

These tips should make it easy for you to narrow down the type of dining chairs you need, and give you a better idea on what to look for when you are out shopping.