Four Types Of Beach Chairs


If you enjoy spending your time in your yard, whether b […]

If you enjoy spending your time in your yard, whether back or front, you need to have outdoor furniture to sit or lie on so you can relax and enjoy the scenery when the weather permits.

You have many choices. There’s Adirondack chairs, camping chairs, lawn chairs, rocking chairs, and butterfly chairs. Then there are beach chairs.

Though primarily designed for the use in the beach, beach chairs make wonderful outdoor furniture. Plus, they’re perfect if you have a pool. You’d feel like you are in a beach or a resort. There are lots of kinds of beach chairs that will satisfy your personal preferences. Here are some of them.

Beach Chaises – If the name sounds alien to you, a beach chaise lounge is a reclining chair. To get a visual idea of how it looks, think about those poolside chairs that you see in hotel swimming pools and fancy beach resorts. These chairs are perfect for sunbathing and resting. You can rest your legs after a long day at work.

Folding Beach Chair – There are many models of a folding beach chair including web folding beach chair, sling folding beach chair, sand folding beach chair, and backpack beach chair. Regardless of the model, all folding beach chairs have two things in common. One is that these are made of sturdy yet lightweight materials. Next, they’re all easy to carry. They are designed in such a way that the user would be able to haul them around without too much effort.

Canopy Beach Chair – If you like sitting out in your yard even when the sun is still high, this type of chair is perfect for you. This is pretty much like a regular beach chair. The only difference is it has a canopy attached to the back to give you shade from the harsh sunlight. A typical beach chair with canopy has frames made of aluminum and seat made of plastic.

Padded Beach Chair – These is just an improved version of the regular beach chair. The seat and the back are cushioned with foam to give more comfort to the user. This is perfect if you like sitting long hours. The padding will prevent you back and your bottom from getting sore.