Factors to Consider When Selecting an Outdoor Furniture Fabric


What is the best fabric for outdoor furniture?As more p […]

What is the best fabric for outdoor furniture?As more people want to spend their time in spaces outside their homes, the demand for outdoor furniture continues to rise. Deciding on what fabric to use for your outdoor furniture can be overwhelming as there are several choices available, but today we are going to make it quick and easy!

Know your requirement:

You may need an outdoor fabric for several purposes. Some of the most common uses of an outdoor fabric include covering for the porch, awning, outside a pool, boat cover, etc., Therefore, try to find out your requirement and then buy the fabric accordingly.

For example, choose outdoor fabrics such as polyolefins, acrylics, and other high UV polyesters, if the material is to be used and exposed a lot to the sun. You may as well buy an outdoor fabric for indoor applications such as for your indoor furniture.

Prevent Fading

Unfortunately, all fabrics are at risk for sun damage. Natural fabrics such as cotton and wool are excellent choices for withstanding the sun’s powerful rays. You may also want to consider the colors you select as dark fabrics fade faster than lighter ones.


The level of breathability is determined by how easily air can pass through a fabric. Breathability is important to consider for any outdoor project but is especially key for two applications: covers and seating. In airtight enclosures and covers, a non-breathable fabric could lead to mold and mildew. For seating, a breathable cushion will be more comfortable (less sticky), especially during hot summer months.

Water Resistance

Water resistance measures how much water will bead and roll off the fabric surface. Often, water resistance and breathability are trade-offs. Typically fabrics that don’t breath well are more water resistant and those that do not breathe at all are considered waterproof (generally vinyl-coated or laminated fabrics). Water resistance is more important for applications like awnings, covers and speedboat interiors than it is for patio furniture, where cushions can be brought in and out of the rain.

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