Factors to Consider for Garden Lounge Set Materials


When assessing outdoor furniture, you're likely going t […]

When assessing outdoor furniture, you're likely going to consider the same features you want in your indoor furniture, like tables, chairs and sofas among others. These features can include the price, durability, style, and comfort. However, the most important thing you need to consider is if the furniture can withstand the changing weather outside. Of course, there aren’t any materials that are 100% weatherproof, but choosing the right materials will make a huge difference.

When choosing materials, you must determine the strengths and weaknesses of your options. Consider how they will align with the specifications of the environment where they’re going to be placed, be it a residential or commercial building.


Materials that allow water penetration can dry unevenly, resulting in warping (twisting or bowing) of the original shape. Initially, it may be imperceptible, but over time it can noticeably distort the material, misalign seams and loosen screws and other fasteners used to hold the furniture together.


Frequent rain or humidity can play havoc to outdoor furniture. It is important to choose furniture which is resistant to degradation from water-based problems. Moisture can reduce the lifespan of your furniture as well as pose health risks.

Fungus, Mold & Rot

Fungus thrives in humid or moist conditions. Certain materials are more prone to mold if there is constant water retention on the material. This can be harmful as it can also cause breathing problems or other health related issues. While fungus and mold can be cleaned off, once the furniture starts to rot, it would cause decaying of the material thus reducing its lifespan.

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