Factors to Consider for Garden Lounge Set Materials II


In the previous article, we have shared some informatio […]

In the previous article, we have shared some information abou Factors to Consider for Garden Lounge Set Materials, this article will continue to introduce more details that need attention.

Rust & Corrosion

Rust is the fastest way to spoil the look of any good outdoor furniture as corrosion caused from rust will lead to weakening of the metal. Outdoor furniture made of metal should be avoided in coastal regions as the salt in the air accelerates the rusting process and eventually rendering your furniture useless.


The material you choose should stand the test of time. You don’t want to use material that will wear out quickly. The patio contractor will advise you on the material that will long. The durability of the patio will depend on the material used, the traffic and the installation process. Make sure that the material you choose will last long and still look good after years of use.

Sun & Temperature

If you live in a sunny area or one with dramatic seasonal climate shifts, you’ll need to look for outdoor materials that can withstand damage from harsh UV rays and fluctuations from extreme heat to cold.


Constant exposure to the sun can cause many materials to fade and lose their luster over time. The aesthetic change can be appealing (e.g. patina) or simply a decreased vibrancy of color or uneven spotting.


If you live in an open and extremely windy area, it’s important that your outdoor furniture is heavy enough that it doesn’t tip over or blow away. It doesn’t take much to damage a beautiful lightweight deck chair or dining table when challenging Mother Nature, so it’s better to be safe than sorry. Otherwise, you’ll need to continually store or secure your items when they’re not in use.


Today, everyone is aware of the environmental impact of production processes and the raw materials that go into products, even if they don't know the specifics.

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