What types of common leisure chairs are there


Leisure chair refers to the chair we usually use to enj […]

Leisure chair refers to the chair we usually use to enjoy our leisure time, which brings infinite comfort and fashion home life enjoyment to our life. The simple and lively lines give full play to the connotation of human nature, so what types of common leisure chairs are there?
The collective name for back chairs with armrests, except for armchairs and top chairs, the rest are called armchairs. Its styles and decorations range from simple to complex. They are often combined with a coffee table. Four chairs and two tables are placed on both sides of the bright room of the hall for symmetrical display. For example, various leather leisure chairs, fabric leisure chairs, wooden leisure chairs, etc. produced by modern furniture and leisure chair manufacturers.
The recliner was one of the pieces of furniture with new styles and functions that appeared in the Qing Dynasty. The craftsmanship and skills at the end of Chinese feudal society continued to improve, people paid more and more attention to the quality of life, the classification of living appliances became more and more detailed, and some furniture was produced accordingly. New varieties like recliners. There are many other names for the recliner, such as "bedtime chair", "warm chair", "easy chair", etc., which are all different names for a certain style of the recliner. The materials used in modern lounge chairs can be mahogany, bamboo, rattan, aluminum alloy, and so on. The classic lounge chairs of modern furniture are represented by Eames lounge chairs.
Swivel chair
The upper part is not much different from the style of a general chair, but there is a hinge part called "single leg" under the seat surface, so the human body can rotate left and right when seated. The swivel chair appeared not too early, it was a chair that absorbed foreign styles earlier in Chinese furniture.
Rattan chair
Various chair frames are made of bamboo materials and various chairs are made of vine bark wrapping frames. Correspondingly, there are rattan chairs, rattan circle chairs, rattan chairs, and other varieties. Wicker chairs are both breathable and flexible. It is best to choose a chair with a backrest and place an ottoman so that the legs can be laid flat to prevent lower limb ischemia.