What materials are the different parts of the outdoor leisure chair


Outdoor leisure chairs are leisure chairs placed in out […]

Outdoor leisure chairs are leisure chairs placed in outdoor public places. Everyone can sit on them to rest when they are tired, but there are many types of them, and the materials for each type are different. Materials are also different.
1. Chair material
Regarding the material of the chair bar, leisure chair manufacturers usually use solid wood, anti-corrosion wood, and plastic wood as the main chair bar material when considering the place of use and user experience of consumers. Of course, you can see it in many large parks, and there are also leisure chairs made of stainless steel and steel. The main difference between them and wooden chair bars is:
①The wooden chair bar is heat-resistant and cold-resistant, anti-corrosion, natural and beautiful, and can be used all year round;
②All stainless steel and other metal chair bars are sturdy and durable and have better waterproof performance, but it is easy to burn the skin in summer, and it is unbearable to use in winter.
2. Chair body material
The body of the outdoor leisure chair is mainly to consolidate the structure of the chair, and its function is to reinforce and stabilize the seat surface and backrest of the chair. Common chair body materials are mainly cast iron, cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, and steel metal.
3. Material of chair legs
The leg portion usually refers to the side of the chair from the armrest to the floor leg. The chair legs also play an important role in the whole and need to support the entire chair including the full weight of the user. Therefore, the chair legs need to be made of very strong materials, generally cast aluminum, aluminum alloy, cast iron, and steel.
Outdoor leisure chair production process
Because the park chair is easily affected by the natural environment, man-made and other factors when used outdoors, it is easy to be affected by moisture, rust, bend, deform and break and cannot be used. In terms of the production process, leisure chair manufacturers will first process and reinforce the materials of the chair bar, chair body, and chair legs, which are manifested as soaking in the anti-corrosion pool and air-drying, painting with furniture oil, painting with environmental protection furniture paint, spraying, baking paint, and electro-galvanizing. and other protective treatment.



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