What Kind Of Balcony Sets Should Be Used


What kind of balcony tables and chairs should be used? […]

What kind of balcony tables and chairs should be used? The living standard in China is getting higher and higher. More and more people are buying villas and large balcony rooms to enjoy the time under the sun, but they will be troubled by a question: what kind of balcony tables and chairs are used? When choosing a balcony table and chairs, the problem to be considered is that balcony furniture is susceptible to wind, sun, and rain. Therefore, the choice of materials is different.

Garden Balcony Set

Therefore, the material requirements of balcony tables and chairs are generally higher than the requirements of indoor furniture. Generally, balcony tables and chairs made of teak, cast aluminum and rattan are used.


What I personally recommend is a balcony table and chairs made of rattan. The general rattan is PE rattan, which is easy to clean, has a smooth surface and strong toughness. The exquisite modern craftsmanship makes the lines made out of rattan furniture more beautiful and fashionable, fully considering the ergonomic comfort.


PE imitation rattan is moisture-proof, aging-proof and UV-resistant, so there is no need to worry about maintenance. Rattan furniture is not only healthy and environmentally friendly, natural and fresh, but also has the characteristics of good breathability, comfort and practicality.