What is the difference between outdoor furniture dusting and spray painting


In recent years, the application of outdoor furniture s […]

In recent years, the application of outdoor furniture soft decoration in garden design has become more and more extensive. Naturally, the garden soft decoration is not only considered for the function of the garden, but also a reflection of a living state at a higher level. If you know how to use the soft furnishings of outdoor furniture to match the outdoor space, the garden will become the ideal place to relax and enjoy a leisurely life.
Outdoor furniture powder spraying is also called powder spraying. The outdoor powder is electrostatically adsorbed on the surface, and the color is less. It is mainly polyester resin type. It must be dried at a high temperature when drying, generally above 10 degrees. Because it does not contain solvents, it is more environmentally friendly. The special-shaped parts can adopt the powder spraying process, the hardness is stronger than that of the painting process, and the powder spraying hardness is 2H, 3H, wear-resistant, and scratch-resistant.
Outdoor furniture spray paint, also known as spray paint, sticks outdoor paint on the surface and has many colors. It is mainly divided into oil-based paint and water-based paint. It is mainly a mixture of liquid resin and organic solvent. The drying temperature can be lower than 10 degrees. Because it contains a large amount of solvent, it has a great impact on the environment.
The surface treatment process of outdoor furniture is mainly divided into spray painting and baking paint, and spraying has two kinds of powder spraying and spraying paint.
Various furniture combinations will produce different effects, so there is generally not only one kind of furniture. No matter what kind of furniture it is, it must be protected from being deliberately damaged so that it can function better.

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