What are the types of patio outdoor furniture


The improvement of living standards has made more famil […]

The improvement of living standards has made more families choose houses with courtyards, especially in cities, where such outdoor furniture houses are more popular. It pursues a kind of closeness to nature, from indoor to outdoor, and the improvement of living standards makes more families choose houses with courtyards, especially in cities, which are more popular. It pursues a lifestyle that is close to nature and moves from indoors to outdoors. So what are the options for patio outdoor furniture? Besides tables and chairs, what other furniture can be used?
Common garden leisure furniture includes umbrellas, gazebos, tables and chairs, reclining chairs, swings, etc. There are many kinds of furniture. Here are a few of them:
1. Parasol
The biggest function of the umbrella is to shade, and it is rarely used outdoors on rainy days. There are also many kinds of specific umbrellas, including central column umbrellas, banana umbrellas, Roman umbrellas, hanging umbrellas, etc. The umbrella column of the central column umbrella is in the middle, and it is generally 2.7m in size, which can basically meet the courtyard activities in the sun. The more high-end sunshade is the Roman umbrella, which can be rotated in the horizontal direction for one week, with a good sunshade effect and simple operation. Another more popular is the hanging umbrella, but the price is higher and the use of the family is limited.
2. Leisure pavilion
The pavilion is also a good leisure place in the courtyard. More fashionable pavilions will also add Bluetooth music devices with lights. The quality of the pavilion varies from high to low. The low cost is more than a thousand, and the high one can reach tens of thousands.
3. Leisure tables and chairs
Leisure courtyard tables and chairs are divided into rattan tables and chairs, solid wood tables, and chairs cast tables and chairs according to their materials. Which one to use depends on the style of the courtyard. However, due to the weather, it is better to choose rattan or cast tables for northern courtyards. Chair, solid wood is easy to crack and deform.
4. Leisure sofa
That is the lazy sofa. Compared with the paving chair, the leisure sofa is more spacious and comfortable, and it is suitable for leisure and relaxation in the courtyard. Rattan sofa has more space for transformation, there is a single sofa, and two or even three sofas, flexible changes make it gradually popular in courtyard design.
5. Recliner
Similar to the function of the leisure sofa, the reclining chair is generally used beside the swimming pool, which can be used for leisure and relaxation, and to feel the freshness of nature and water.