What are the main features of beach chairs


Beach chairs are a type of leisure chair. Beach chairs […]

Beach chairs are a type of leisure chair. Beach chairs can be divided into cloth beach chairs, leisure beach chairs, outdoor beach chairs, and folding beach chairs. They are made of leather, stainless steel, plastic, and other materials. They are comfortable chairs for outdoor leisure and indoor rest. The production of leisure beach chairs is generally pure hand-woven. Because it is relatively soft to use, it feels comfortable and generous, has good air permeability, and is more and more favored by owners. Outdoor beach chairs are not only a convenient chair tool for leisure people but also a beautiful landscape in the city.
1. After shrinking, the size is small and easy to carry.
2. The overall design is based on engineering mechanics, so that the force at each point is uniform.
3. The fasteners are made of ABS engineering plastic, which is more durable and wear-resistant.
4. The bracket design makes full use of the principle of triangular stability so that the whole is stable and does not shake.
5. Each stress point is reinforced with leather, which is more durable.
6. The fabric is made of double-layer PU-coated Oxford cloth, which is wear-resistant, aging-resistant, and tear-resistant; it has good waterproof performance and fully considers the characteristics of outdoor applications.
7. A small table next to it. Convenient for outdoor water cups, small objects.
Scope of application
Home use, fishing, outdoor travel, self-driving travel, field adventure, outdoor sketching...