What are the classifications of outdoor tables and chairs


1. Rattan tables and chairs: imitation rattan tables an […]

1. Rattan tables and chairs: imitation rattan tables and chairs made of organic compounds such as PE, PP, PO, etc. as raw materials. Imitation rattan is more durable than natural rattan, has better water and wind resistance, and is easier to maintain.
2. Aluminum alloy tables and chairs: The frame is made of aluminum alloy, which is divided into double tubes and single tubes. The structure of double tubes is more solid and stable. Aluminum alloy tables and chairs are the mainstream outdoor tables and chairs, the main reason is that they have good water resistance and are not easily corroded by the environment.
3. Solid wood tables and chairs: Solid wood tables and chairs include many classifications according to different materials, such as ash, jujube, walnut, catalpa, teak, oak, sandalwood, and so on. Solid wood tables and chairs are characterized by good hand feel and strong environmental protection, but there are also many disadvantages. Long-term outdoor storage is easy to crack and peel, so general solid wood outdoor tables and chairs need surface treatment. In recent years, due to the rise in the price of logs, the price of solid wood tables and chairs has also risen.
4. Plastic tables and chairs: Plastic tables and chairs are characterized by excellent water resistance and oil resistance, so they are more common in food stalls and other places and are also commonly used in wet places such as beaches and swimming pools. Many people think that plastic tables and chairs are too thin and not strong enough, but this is not the case. Plastic recliners, plastic chairs, etc. are very strong, and as long as they are not maliciously damaged, their lifespan is infinite. However, it becomes brittle and easy to break in winter, so it is necessary to close the warehouse in time.
5. Cast aluminum and cast iron tables and chairs: Casting tables and chairs are upstarts in outdoor furniture. They are elegant in shape, excellent in performance, strong in structure, and noble in the atmosphere. They are mostly used in high-end villas and private gardens and on other occasions.


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