What are the characteristics of outdoor tables and chairs in terms of materials


Outdoor tables and chairs are smooth, delicate, breatha […]

Outdoor tables and chairs are smooth, delicate, breathable, light, moisture-proof, mildew-proof, moth-proof, easy to clean and maintain. Outdoor stainless steel tables and chairs, no corrosion, high-temperature resistance, high hardness, strong and durable welding process interface, not easy to shake, strong durability.
Outdoor plastic tables and chairs, waterproof and sunscreen, easy to clean, space-saving, strong support, stable and durable, and cheap.
Outdoor solid wood tables and chairs are made of high-quality wood, treated with anti-corrosion carbonization, and coated with a durable anti-corrosion varnish.
Outdoor plastic wood tables and chairs, waterproof, moisture-proof, moth-proof, fireproof, strong plasticity. No pollution, recyclable, no cracking, no deformation.
Outdoor iron tables and chairs are durable, not easy to rust, and have a solid metal texture. The materials are rich, the styles are exquisite, and the craftsmanship is good.
The surface of outdoor cast aluminum furniture is smooth and delicate, and the carving design is exquisite. Durable, sturdy, and compact, it is suitable for all kinds of places.