What are outdoor lounge chairs made of


The leisure chair is a kind of chair for people to rest […]

The leisure chair is a kind of chair for people to rest and relax, which is divided into indoor leisure chairs and outdoor leisure chairs. The focus here is the outdoor leisure chair, also known as the outdoor leisure chair, which is mainly a kind of chair for outdoor passers-by to rest and is more used in public places such as communities, playgrounds, squares, and parks. With the acceleration of urbanization in China and the fashion of urban construction, outdoor leisure chairs have gradually appeared in parks in most small and medium-sized cities, bringing convenience to people, adding color to our city, and making the urban environment more beautiful.
What are outdoor lounge chairs made of? Most outdoor lounge chairs are composed of two parts: a chair bar and a chair leg. The chair bars of the leisure chair can be divided into wooden chair bars, plastic wood chair bars, and chair bars of other materials. Outdoor leisure chair wooden chair strip: 1. Cut the log into the required specifications of the chair strip, after drying treatment, go through a series of treatments to make the chair strip flat, and then carry out paint treatment 2. The paint treatment is rough as follows, with primer Sand the wood by spraying the primer a few times to deburr the wood with the sanding equipment, then spray with the topcoat to make the chair strips uniform.
Outdoor leisure chair plastic wood chair strips are mostly divided into PE plastic wood strips, PP plastic wood strips, PS plastic wood strips, and PVC plastic wood strips, which use a certain polymer and wood powder to mix and granulate, and then use extrusion equipment to add Warm and pressure extrusion molded to the size of a chair bar. Chair bars of other materials are divided into preservative wood and carbonized wood chair bars, which will not be introduced one by one here.
How many types of chair legs are there in the leisure chair? At present, there are several types of chair feet on the market, such as steel feet, cast iron feet, and stone feet. The steel feet have high plasticity, the styles are changeable, and the shape is relatively modern. Now more pickling and phosphating are used to treat the steel surface, which greatly improves the appearance and anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability. The cast iron feet are mostly gray cast iron, which looks stable and generous, strong and durable, and the style is more European style with modern elements, which is more fashionable, and has strong anti-corrosion and anti-rust ability. Stone chairs are special and large, and are mostly used outdoors in mountain and forest landscapes all year round. They are made of granite and have strong weathering and corrosion resistance.



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