Ways to Weatherproof Your Outdoor Rattan Furniture


Part of rattan furniture's beauty and appeal as outdoor […]

Part of rattan furniture's beauty and appeal as outdoor or patio furniture is its ability to weather the elements. This does not, however, mean that it is waterproof. In this article, there are some ways to help weatherproof your outdoor rattan furniture.

Prep Your Outdoor Furniture

First off, make sure to thoroughly wipe the furniture down with a dampened nonabrasive washcloth in order to remove any dust or debris. Next, position your furniture on top of a tarp that will soak up any sealer drips. Lastly, prepare yourself by donning a paper breathing mask if you tend to get lightheaded around the fumes given off by paints and sealers.

Paint the outdoor wicker furniture

Painting outdoor wicker furniture is another way to protect it from damaging weather. There are types of paint that are specifically formulated for outdoor wicker furniture. The entire surface area of the furniture should be covered by the paint. This includes the top, bottom, underside, arms, and seats. Paint should be reapplied every three years. In order to waterproof the furniture, two coats of marine varnish should be applied after the painting is complete. Anyone who does not wish to change the natural color of the wicker furniture can eliminate the paint and just apply three coats of the marine varnish every two years.

Oil the outdoor wicker furniture

Applying tung oil will make outdoor wicker furniture resistant to water. Although tung oil will not protect the furniture against repeated deluges of water, it does a great job of keeping out dampness. This is helpful because when wicker becomes damp, the fibers will soften and stretch and the furniture will no longer be safe to sit on or otherwise use. Tung oil should be applied by using a soft cloth when the furniture is first put outside. It should be reapplied at the end of the season before it the furniture is put away.

Cover the outdoor wicker furniture

Either pre-made or custom-fit wicker furniture covers can help to protect outdoor wicker furniture from damaging sun rays, heavy rains, or h3 winds. In order to fully protect outdoor wicker furniture, the covers should reach all the way to the floor and fully cover the legs of the furniture. This will help to prevent water from splashing up and damaging the furniture. If it is financially feasible having a retractable awning installed and extending it over the furniture on rainy days is also a great way to protect the furniture from damaging precipitation.

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