Trying Alternative Methods To Increase The Height of Dining Chairs


Use wood blocks to match wooden chair legs. Wood blocks […]

Use wood blocks to match wooden chair legs. Wood blocks specifically designed for raising furniture can be an inexpensive way to increase a dining chair's height. Place a wood block under all of the chair's legs, and paint or stain your wood blocks to help them match the chair's color.


Unlike chair raisers, wood blocks generally do not have holes. They are safe but less secure than raisers for this reason.
You can get chair raisers online or at many home improvement stores in a variety of heights and finishes. Choose a block height that matches how much taller you want the chair to be.


Try casters if you want a rolling option for hard floors. Casters are detachable wheels that lift your dining chair's height and make it more portable. Attaching the casters is different for each brand but usually involves drilling holes in the chair's leg bottoms and screwing the caster in place.


Casters are more noticeable than other chair lifting options.


Use chair cushions to add a small amount of height. A chair cushion can lift your seated height while keeping you comfortable. If you only need to raise the height 5 inches (13 cm) or lower, buy a dining chair cushion and tie it to your seat.


Of all options, chair cushions generally add the least amount of height.


Replace screw-in chair legs with taller ones. Because most chair legs screw into the body of the chair, you can also buy replacement screw-in legs that are taller than the original legs. Unscrewing old legs and screwing in new legs may be the easiest option for beginners. You can buy replacement screw-in legs at hardware stores or order them online.


Be sure you buy 4 identical replacement legs for each chair.
If you are an experienced woodworker, you can also replace the legs yourself. Replacing chair legs is not for amateur woodworkers, however, to ensure that the new chair legs are even and safe.


Hire a carpenter to replace your chair legs. If you want to raise your chair's legs without changing its overall look, ask a carpenter about refitting your chair with new legs. Your carpenter can make legs for your chair that look like the old ones but are long enough to raise its height.


Keep in mind that replacing chair legs is permanent and may devalue expensive or vintage chairs.