Transparent Chairs Are Definitely A Modern Choice


While transparent chairs are definitely a modern choice […]

While transparent chairs are definitely a modern choice, they don’t necessarily have to be paired with all hard lines and cold, minimalist designs. In fact, they actually pair surprisingly well with a more relaxed, natural decor. Simple wood tables and wood floors compliment transparent chairs quite nicely, not the least because they combine to create a very open, airy, natural feel. They’re also great for showing off a dining table with a decorative base that normal chairs might hide.

Outside the dining room, though, transparent chairs are often chosen largely for the fact that they’re see-through. For example, they’re often used as seating in a breakfast nook or banquette not for the style of the chair itself, but because they keep the space from looking too crowded. Because they’re clear and usually fairly solid in design, it’s as easy to look through a clear char as it is to look at one. For a nook type space in particular, that makes it possible to have more seating without it feeling like it intrudes on the surrounding area.

Transparent chairs are also frequently used for dressing tables or workstations in common areas of the home for exactly the same reason: if a big, bulky chair would visually block the space, a clear chair leaves it feeling open and uncluttered. If your home office is less an office and more of a nook, having a full sized office chair can make even the nicest looking space feel clunky and cubicle-like, not to mention potentially blocking walkways. Clear chairs are sleeker and leaner, and take up less space both physically and visually.