Transparent Chairs Are Commonly Used


A transparent chair that mirrors its surroundings. It p […]

A transparent chair that mirrors its surroundings. It picks up the colors of the room and appears to be floating. And because there’s flexibility in the seat, you may feel like you are floating too.

Plastic chairs have something of a bad reputation. The phrase alone probably makes you think of cheapie outdoor furniture or maybe something made for a little kid.

But high end, durable plastics have become a darling of modern design, particularly chairs made of clear polycarbonate. A spiritual successor to the white plastic chairs iconic of a mid century modern design, these transparent chairs have a more contemporary feel and work well in a variety of different locations.

Transparent chairs are commonly used as dining chairs, and many of them mimic a very traditional dining chair style, with high backs that are either rounded or slatted, and sometimes simple arms. But depending on your other decor choices, the same chairs can have a very different appearance.

In a very chic modern dining room, for example, paired with sculptural white elements and a few high end accents (like a chandelier), these clear chairs take on a crystalline quality. Particularly if they’re set up to catch the light, the clearness of the chairs becomes a very eye catching and elegant feature.