Today I Teach You How to Clean Rattan Furniture


Thanks to people’s growing awareness of environmental p […]

Thanks to people’s growing awareness of environmental protection, the mainstream outdoor leisure furniture on the market is basically woven with PE rattan materials. In terms of daily practical choices, rattan sofas, rattan tables and chairs, and rattan small coffee tables are getting deeper and deeper. Into people’s daily lives.

The wide application of rattan furniture tables and chairs is that they are healthy, environmentally friendly, natural and fresh, and have the characteristics of warm in winter and cool in summer, good air permeability, comfort and practicality, no mold, no fear of wind, sun and rain, and easy cleaning.

There are mainly the following methods for household cleaning with rattan.

1. You can use some light salt water to wipe the rattan furniture, which will not only decontaminate, but also keep the flexibility of the rattan furniture for a long time, and also have a certain anti-brittle and insect-proof effect.

2. Carefully wipe the surface of the rattan furniture with sandpaper to remove stains and restore the smoothness of the surface, and then apply a layer of varnish to protect the rattan furniture immediately.

3. White rattan tables and chairs are easy to get dirty. Usually you need to wipe off the dust with a clean soft cloth. Use a soft brush or vacuum cleaner to clean up the dust once every three months. When it is dirty, wring out the damp cloth and wipe it off. Use an old toothbrush for dirty places. Brush lightly and it will be clean immediately. If the stain is too heavy, it can be wiped off with detergent.

4. Apply a little vinegar to neutralize it with detergent to prevent discoloration. Dip a brush in baking soda water and lightly brush the wicker chair to get rid of stubborn dirt.

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