Tips to Protect Outdoor Rattan Set During the Winter


As the leaves start changing colors, it’s time to start […]

As the leaves start changing colors, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your Outdoor Rattan Set . Cold weather, freezing rain, and snow all affect your outdoor chairs, tables, fire pits, and more. Prep now so everything is ready to go when the warm weather is back.

Clean Your Outdoor Furniture

Your outdoor sofa and chairs have been sitting out and used all Summer long! Wiping the dirt and other debris off before storing furniture will extend the life of your pieces.

Coat Your Outdoor Furniture

Properly treating furnishings that sit outside is a must. The best way to treat your outdoor furniture will vary based on material, but as always, consult the recommended care instructions for your specific outdoor set before you begin. Our general guidelines are listed below.

Fabric protector for textiles: Treat outdoor textiles, such as pillows and cushions, with a good fabric protector after a thorough wash.

Wax coating for finished metal and aluminum: If there are no signs of corrosion, a coating of paste wax will protect metal finishes.

Fresh paint for corroded metal: If metal pieces are painted and there is corrosion, lightly sand the corrosion off and apply a fresh coat of primer and paint. This adds visual appeal and preserves your furniture.

Waterproof sealant for wood: Sealant keeps wood from absorbing unwanted moisture, which leads to warping and cracks.

Soap and water for plastic: Plastic furniture is one of the simplest types to maintain. Simply wash in warm soapy water and let dry.

Cover Your Outdoor Furniture

If you don’t have space to store your outdoor furniture indoors during the winter months, outdoor furniture covers are an absolute must. Waterproof furniture covers help protect your outdoor furniture from some of winter’s worst weather conditions, such as rain, sleet, snow, and wind. Even if you are planning to store your furniture inside, consider covers for protection against dust, dirt, and pests. Outdoor furniture covers can also be used year-round to protect your furniture from fading and keep it clean between uses.

Stack Your Outdoor Furniture

In order to save some space, you can stack your outdoor chairs and table one over the other. This is a great technique, in case you are short on space because of too many other items, such as gardening tools and pool equipment. Having all of your furniture stacked neatly presents a great opportunity for covering them under a single cover set.