Tips to Prepare Your Outdoor Furniture for Winter


How excited are you to get outside and enjoy nice weath […]

How excited are you to get outside and enjoy nice weather, entertain friends outdoors, and start grilling your dinner again? It’s time to get your garden furniture and outdoor rattan sets ready for the season, and time to protect cushions and seating from rain and bad weather, too.

Storing wicker furniture in winter

Your rattan furniture sits outside for most of the year. During these months, the furniture probably accumulated a lot of dirt and grime from its surrounding environment. Winter is a perfect time to clean the furniture pieces before you put them into storage. Give them a deep cleanse, which ensures that your rattan furniture looks pristine when you bring them out of storage in the spring.

Cleaning the wicker furniture should be relatively easy. Begin by vacuuming the furniture to get rid of the surface grime and dirt. Next, wipe down the furniture using a soft rag mixed with some soap and warm water. Make sure all the wooden areas are thoroughly scrubbed and washed. There are small crevices in the wicker pieces, which require a toothbrush or tiny brushes for cleaning.

After the cleanse, ensure your wicker furniture is dry before putting them into storage. If there is residue moisture on the furniture, mould or mildew may form during the winter period, which could cause severe damage.

Storing wood furniture in winter

Wooden furniture adds a rustic charm to any outdoor environment. However, these outdoor furniture pieces are particularly vulnerable to moisture during the winter. If they are left in the cold for too long, the wooden furniture may crack and splinter beyond repair. Merely throwing a cover over the furniture won’t suffice, since the wood can still absorb a lot of moisture from the air.

In order to protect the wood furniture, you can preserve its condition with a special sealant that has moisture-resistant characteristics. The application works just like painting. You use a brush and apply a fresh coat of sealant onto all the exposed areas. Make sure the wood furniture is adequately dry before you put them into storage.

Storing plastic furniture in winter

Plastic furniture is inexpensive, easy to move around and very durable. But it can quickly look grubby unless looked after. Wash your plastic garden furniture with hot water and soap or detergent, or blast it with a pressure washer. Don’t use anything abrasive to scrub your plastic furniture as this will damage the surface.

If you have white plastic furniture that’s looking stained, you can bleach it - just be sure to protect your hands with gloves.

Whatever colour your plastic furniture is, finish off your cleaning regime with a coat of car wax to bring up the shine.

Storing metal furniture in winter

Metal furniture adds a chic and elegant vibe to your outdoor space. However, these types of furniture are often bulky and heavy, making them physically difficult to carry into storage. One possible option is to hire a professional MOVING AND STORAGE SERVICE. The other option is to leave the metal furniture outside and protect them with well-fitted covers during winter.

Metal furniture needs regular maintenance to preserve its shine and polish. Start by washing all surfaces with water and detergent. Next, scrub with a brush and rinse with a hose. Inspect the surface for rust. In case you come across any, use a rust-neutralizing primer to treat the area. Consider applying a thin protective coat of wax onto the metal furniture before putting them into storage.

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