Tips On Caring For A Rattan Leisure Chair


Having leisure chair made from rattan is like a rattan […]

Having leisure chair made from rattan is like a rattan leisure chair, of course, care is also needed so that it is not easily damaged and the color is maintained. You also need to regularly treat and clean your rattan Modern Leisure Chair . Let‘s see a few tips below!

Rattan is a type of plant from the Palmae family. It’s widely used for leisure chair materials. Rattan has a distinctive shape and color, traditional but elegant, giving a unique accent to the house. leisure chair made of rattan is also not too expensive, compared to other materials. Because of that reason, rattan is a favorite of many people. Even so, it still needs the right steps to care for it to look beautiful.

Clean using a vacuum cleaner

Rattan leisure chair, be it original rattan or synthetic rattan, has a wicker-like structure full of small gaps. The cracks are very prone to become a den of dust. Which makes a dull impression on rattan leisure chair. You can clean it with a vacuum cleaner with a hairy tip. Do it by paying attention to the pressure that can result in woven rattan on the leisure chair apart.

Clean using a toothbrush

For very small gaps, or difficult to reach by a vacuum cleaner, you can clean it using a toothbrush. The trick is enough to wet a used toothbrush whose bristles are still upright with water then rub into the dusty part. After the dust falls out, then wipe. If the toothbrush is still unable to reach it, you can use a stick or wire coated with wet tissue.

Trim with scissors

Don’t forget to spruce up the wicker regularly. Especially if the chair is old, there may be some parts of the wicker that is detached. Do not pull the loose part because it will make it damaged.