Tips On Buying The Best Sun Lounger


Where better to soak up the sunshine than on a sun loun […]

Where better to soak up the sunshine than on a sun lounger in the privacy of your own garden – or patio, back yard or balcony – with a crossword in one hand in the other?


When it comes to buying a lounger, you'll want to invest in one that suits your needs, budget and available space. It pays to put in a bit of research and ask yourself a few questions before you buy. Do you need multiple reclining positions? Do you want it to double as a seat as well as a daybed for summertime snoozing? How will you store it away when not in use?


To help narrow down your search, here’s our selection of the best sun loungers around. Sit back, relax and read our handy buying guide below – or skip straight through to discover our top picks.


How to buy the best sun lounger

Sun loungers come in two basic types. Foldaway designs are easy to store when not in use, and some can fit conveniently in the car for a trip to the seaside. These tend to be made from steel, although some wooden frames also feature a folding mechanism. Just check the folded dimensions before you buy, to make sure you have enough space in your shed or car boot.


Then there are chunkier loungers made from solid wood or rattan – or a rattan-effect material – which are designed to be a permanent fixture in your garden. Most sun loungers offer a variety of reclining positions, but not all of them have a lie-flat setting; think about how important this is to you (and your back). A padded cushion adds an extra level of comfort .


What's the best material for a sun lounger?

A frame made from steel tubing is easy to lift, fold and move in and out of the shade. It's usually the cheapest option too, although such frames can feel a little flimsy. Non-folding wooden loungers offer a more solid base and better back support; they can also be more weather-resistant, especially if you go for a hardy wood like teak or eucalyptus. Rattan used to be a popular material in the sun lounger stakes, but it doesn't fare well against the elements: if you like the look, go for a rattan-effect frame made from synthetic fibres for lounger longevity.


How much should I spend on a sun lounger?

For the occasional lazy afternoon on the lawn you can pick up a decent folding sun lounger for around 25. You'll pay more for heavy-duty frames made from solid wood or good quality synthetic rattan, but it’s worth it if you want a lounger that will stay in place come rain or shine.