The Useful Low Seat Beach Chair Guide


A low seat beach chair, also known as a classic beach c […]

A low seat beach chair, also known as a classic beach chair, is a beach chair that sits less than 12 inches off the ground. In other words, the distance from the floor to the seating part of the chair is anywhere from 8 inches to 12 inches.

Super low seat beach chairs are also referred to as sand chairs. These chairs can weigh less than 5 pounds and sit as low as 5 inches from the ground.

Many beach goers prefer low seat beach chairs because they allow you to stretch your legs out in the sand for even tanning across the lower part of their body. Another major benefit of the low seat beach chair is it allows you to place the chair in the ocean and have water stream across the lower portion of your body. (See image above.) Most low seat beach sand chairs also come in multiple reclining positions, Choose among the 4 to 5 position lay flat beach chair. You can relax fully flat on your stomach or back and enjoy full body tanning, while not having to leave your chair.

If you're looking for a beach chair to take to an outdoor concert, the lowseat beach chair is also a great choice. Many outdoor beach events have maximum seat height requirements. The total height of a low seat beach chair, can be 23 inches, which means the you won't block the view of your fellow outdoor beach festival goers.

Even though low-seat beach chairs are pretty lightweight and easy to carry, they still can hold up to 250 pounds. When choosing a beach chair from, be sure to click on the item specification tab next to the chair description tab, so you know all of the technical details about your beach item.

Make an informed decision! It's so much better at the beach when you have the right beach chair just for you. If you are buying the chair as a gift for a beach loving friend or relative, you'll also be confident and happy knowing you are sending them the perfect gift.

Did you know that beach chairs come is as many fabric types as they do colors? They're all designed to be fast dry and durable, but some people prefer the tight weave and unique feel of textile beach chairs or the traditional, throw back, "old school" design of web beach chairs. Even though web beach chairs may have been what you saw back in the day, they're still really popular. They tend to be high off the ground.