The Tips to Buy Rattan Sofa Set


Rattan Sofa Set is a necessity for people's lives. Exqu […]

Rattan Sofa Set is a necessity for people's lives. Exquisite rattan sofa set design can bring inspiration and inspiration to people. People who pursue individuality and rattan sofa set that they like must also be those that can lead the trend. Some designer rattan sofa set is still classic and fashionable. So how do you choose the right rattan sofa set?

1. Is the rattan sofa set material reasonable?

Different rattan sofa set, there is a difference in the use of functional materials. For example, the legs of tables, chairs and cabinets generally require hardwoods, which are relatively strong and can bear weight, while other parts can use other fillers.

2. Is the rattan sofa set four feet flat?

Put the rattan sofa set on the ground and shake it, some rattan sofa set only have 3 legs. Take a look at whether the table is straight and you can't bow or collapse. The table top is raised, the glass plate is placed on it, and the table top is recessed, and the glass plate is crushed by a pressure. Pay attention to the inspection of the cabinet door. The slit of the drawer should not be too large. It should be horizontal and vertical, and the door should not sag.

3. The color should be coordinated with the interior decoration.

Although the white rattan sofa set is beautiful, it is easy to turn yellow when the time is long, and the black is easy to gray. Don't be beautiful at the time. At the end, it is not white nor black.

4. Is the rattan sofa set edge flat?

The edge is not flat, indicating that the inner material is wet, and the seal will fall off in a few days. The edge banding should also be rounded and not straight at right angles. The edges sealed with wood strips tend to get wet or crack.