The Placement Skills of Sofa


The shape of the sofa and seat must be solid, especiall […]

The shape of the sofa and seat must be solid, especially the high-back sofa and seat, which is not only comfortable but also safe. The ideal decoration is better to show eight diagrams form, because the seats are adjacent to each other, not only can promote the harmony of interpersonal relationships, but also can create a space suitable for rest.

The sofa with a novel style is an indispensable part of the house, its shape and color can best reflect the atmosphere of the house. The cloth sofa of plain color is the best choice in residential geomancy, and it is better to choose unobtrusive patterns.

In daily life, the sofa has functions for resting, chatting, and meeting guests, so it occupies a very important position in the geomancy of the house. It is very particular about its placement, so there will be such requirements when it is placed:

1. Be particular about the number of sets.

The shape of the sofa is divided into a single sofa, double sofa, long sofa, curved shaped and round sofa. In terms of materials, there will also be a leather sofa, cloth sofa and rattan sofa. In terms of color and shape, it is more varied. The number of residential sofa sets are particular, and the most taboo is a set of half, or two sets of sofas used together.

2. The sofa should be placed with attention.

Because the sofa is the furniture that provides the daily sitting for a family, so you should pay attention to the location.

For the east-facing house, the sofa should be placed in the four directions of the east, southeast, south, and north of the living room. For the west-facing house, the sofa should be placed in the directions of the living room, southwest, west, northwest, and northeast.

3. There should be a back behind the sofa.

The so-called back refers to back against the mountain, which means that there is a solid wall behind the sofa and no worries, so that it conforms to the geomancy approach. The chairs in ancient China used natural marble as the back, and the decorative pattern on it and faint mountain view are beautiful, that is the reason.

If there is a window, door, or aisle behind the sofa without a solid wall, that is equivalent to backside without backer. It is a venting situation and giving people a sense of insecurity, of course, there is no comfort.

4. The sofa should be curved rather than straight.

The important position of the sofa in the living room is the main port of China. It must be able to hold as much water as possible and then it can thrive. A good port must have protruding bends on both sides, shaped like the U letter of the English alphabet. The protruding bends like two arms, and the recess in the center is the geomancy gas holding position, which can gather wind and gas and aims to achieve prosperity.

5. Do not hedge the sofa with the door.

If the sofa is in line with the door, it is better to remove the sofa to avoid conflicting with the door. If there is no place to remove, then you have to put a screen between the sofa and the door. In this way, the air flowing into the house will not go straight to the sofa. If the sofa is facing the door of the room, it does not matter. You don’t have to flash left and right, and you don’t need to place screens.

In a word, since the Rattan Sofa Set is placed in the living room of the house, from the aesthetic perspective of modern decoration, it is also appropriate to pay attention to the coordination with the architectural pattern. Sometimes, we should learn to analyze things concretely, and there is no need to stick to tradition, but to learn to "abandon the dross and take its essence" to make modern life full of fun and taste.