The History of Rattan Sofa Set


Rattan Sofa Set may come in many forms, but it has been […]

Rattan Sofa Set may come in many forms, but it has been a piece of living and bed rooms for centuries of human history. The ancient Egyptians crafter chairs and tables out of it, while the Romans used it for sofas and baskets. It was an important part of Victorian era furnishings, and lasted into the early 1900s where it cemented its own vintage style. Rattan furniture set is useful anywhere in the house, looking attractive inside the sitting room and outside on the patio.

Traditional rattan furniture set is known for its strength, durability, beauty, and comfort. The rattan furniture set fibers are typically made from cane cores, rattan stalks, willow switches, reed, sea grass, banana leaf, or bamboo. Today, alternative materials are sometimes woven into the materials to help increase strength. It requires maintenance to uphold its beauty and durability. Synthetic rattan furniture set design is often paper wrapped in high tensile wire, vinyl or resin to reinforce and weatherize the materials.

Middle class families loved the material because they could only afford a few quality pieces, and rattan furniture set last forever.

Egypt passed rattan furniture set to Rome where baskets were used and furniture was made. That use grew into Europe as the Roman conquests spread, and the material quickly became common in England, Spain, and Portugal. Rattan began to see use in the modernizing world as international sea traders came back from Southeast Asia, where the weed grows prevalently. Rattan was a stronger material, and its popularity grew in the 1800’s as word spread that the material was more sanitary than upholstered furniture. It was also less expensive and heavily resistant to the elements. It was up to Victorian furniture makers to shape it into something attractive, and that became main stream during the mid 1800s.

The history of outdoor rattan furniture set or origins of this technological advancement dates back fairly recently. Rattan furniture set continue to be a top choices used in porches, patios and bedrooms.