"Six bogey" and "Four essentials" for Modern Furniture Maintenance


First bogey: Place the furniture in a high temperature, […]

First bogey: Place the furniture in a high temperature, high humidity or extremely cold environment. Do not expose the Modern Leisure Chair to the sun, avoid too dry, and crack the wood; do not put the furniture in a damp environment, wooden furniture, fabric furniture will be mildew in wet places for a long time, metal furniture and Metal hinges such as hinges, slides, springs, etc.

Second bogey: Pull hard when handling, and damage the hoe or hardware at the furniture joint.

Third bogey: Excessive use of furniture over the capacity of furniture. Don't jump on the couch or on the mattress;Do not over-open the door or pull the drawer slide;Do not place heavy objects on the furniture surface for a long time, or place heavy objects on the edge of the table top, and use excessive force.

Forth bogey: Rinse with water or use a damp cloth to clean the furniture.

Fifth bogey: Placed on furniture100Hot or cold things above Celsius.

Sixth bogey: Place sharp or bottom rough items directly on the furniture surface, which may cause scratches on the furniture surface.

First essential: to maintain a ventilated and dry environment in the room, and to maintain indoor ventilation regularly, the indoor humid air can be exchanged with the outdoor, and the chemical substances in the wooden furniture can be used as much as possible.

Second essential: the furniture should be placed in balance to ensure the normal use of the furniture and to prevent damage to the furniture structure.

Third essential: regular cleaning and maintenance. During daily use, always wipe off dust or stains to keep the furniture clean. When cleaning, try to use a soft cotton cloth that is not easy to remove hair, and be sure to clean it with a cotton cloth that is free of foreign matter, otherwise it will grind the paint surface.

Fourth essential: we must do a good job of long-term protection of furniture. Place camphor and tea in the furniture to prevent mites and mites;Put some pepper and prevent mice.