Outdoor Furniture Pation or Public Use


Before buying new Outdoor Rattan Set furniture, we need […]

Before buying new Outdoor Rattan Set furniture, we need to spend time and take a detailed study. Each outdoor living collection must match the atmosphere and mode of the space. How’s the weather and climate we are with, hot and dry or rainy and humid? If the weather is hot and too dry, wooden furniture might crack. Metal furniture is not suitable for restaurant/cafe/bistro/hotel which is near the sea. The metal might get rust after months even they are painted. Aluminum outdoor furniture is recommended to solve the above problem. Aluminum outdoor furniture is made of aluminum frame with high quality powder coating. It won’t rust even it is put outside all year round.

Outdoor furniture is in opening or semi-opening outdoor space, for convenience of people’s health, comfortable, high-effective publicity outdoor activities and then set up a series of relative indoors furniture to use. It is including many kinds of products, such as city public outdoor furniture, yard outdoor relaxing furniture, commercial outdoor furniture and portable outdoor furniture, etc. Commercial outdoor furniture is our main business.

Outdoor furniture is the important part of furniture, aim content with people's life demanding, pursuit visual sense and ideal products. Outdoor furniture is the constituent elements of urban scenery environment, it differ from other furniture in Outdoor furniture have publicity and communicative.

In many occasions, most of outdoor furniture is very connect with nature. About the select the productions material have rattan, teak, or other wood. We made no use wood because of environmental protection. Our designers make use of aluminum, PE rattan and fabric as raw material. Aluminum tube will accord with customer need to coat oak, honey color or any other colors.