Methods to Clean Your Leisure Chair


With everyday use and daily wear and tear, Leisure Chai […]

With everyday use and daily wear and tear, Leisure Chair tend to become breeding grounds for dirt, dust, and germs. Let's look at the three most popular materials used in leisure chairs and the best ways to clean them.

Cleaning Mesh Leisure Chairs

1.) Vacuum your seat and chair back

2.) Dab any spots on your chair using warm water with a mild soap and a washcloth until the spot is gone

3.) If step 2 doesn't work, try using a mild spot removing solution

When you begin cleaning your leisure chair, you'll want to first vacuum any crumbs that may have fallen inside the mesh fabric and clean it out with a small handheld vacuum cleaner. Next, you'll want to clean any spots or stains on your leisure chair. Lastly, after you have cleaned your leisure chair, allow it to dry before sitting on it again.

Cleaning Leather leisure Chair

Vacuum your furniture on a frequent basis. You only want to use a soft brush attachment so you don’t scratch your leather, and make sure the suction isn’t too strong to do any damage. Wipe down your leather once a week with a clean cloth. Choose a cloth that won’t leave any dye or lint. Be sure to wipe, not scrub. If your leisure chair needs a deeper clean, mix a few drops of liquid soap with about a quart of distilled water. Dampen a lint-free rag with the solution and wipe the surface of your leisure chair. Use a clean, damp rag to get rid of any soap or residue and then dry.

Cleaning Upholstered leisure Chairs

The first step to cleaning an upholstered leisure chair is to vacuum it to get off the bulk of the dirt and grime. From there, you can spray on a layer of cleaning foam that's safe for upholstery. Cover all parts of the fabric with the foam and allow it to remain there according to the product directions. Then use a hard-bristled brush to scrub away caked-on dirt and stains.