Is there any knowledge about the color of the furniture


When shopping for suite furniture, is there any knowled […]

When shopping for suite furniture, is there any knowledge about the color of the furniture?
When choosing furniture for suites, many people are often hesitant to choose the color. In fact, the senses and emotions that different suite furniture colors bring to people will be very different, and there will be different color choices according to different age groups.
Pink is a good interpretation of gentleness, its color is very clear and bright, pink means "tenderness is like water".

Blue is a color that makes people think about it. It feels very serious. This strong color can hide the shortcomings of other colors when put together with other colors. It is a convenient color for consumers It feels elegant and peaceful.

Orange is a color that can generate vitality and induce appetite. It is also a representative color in the warm color system. It is also a color that represents health, which has the meaning of maturity and happiness. 

Yellow is the first color that people see when they are born. It is a color that symbolizes health. The reason why it appears healthy and bright is also that it is the most easily absorbed color in the spectrum.

Green is a stable and comfortable color, representing positive and youthful vitality. Choosing natural colors has a certain effect on the mood and mood of consumers.

Red—Big red is a more irritating color. It gives people a feeling of burning. Too many joints can give people a particularly depressed mood, which is prone to fatigue. For general hotel suite furniture, wine red is better, and the amount is appropriate. The red color can induce appetite.

Each color brings different feelings to people, and it is also possible that different people will experience the same color differently.