Insharefurntiure: Advantages and Disadvantages of Plastic Furniture, Chairs


If you're considering furnishing your apartment with pl […]

If you're considering furnishing your apartment with plastic furniture, there are a number of pros and cons that you ought to consider before you make the investment. Furniture made from plastic may or may not suit you do to any of the following:

Advantages of using plastic furniture :

Affordable: Plastic furniture is less expensive compared to other furniture types of wood & metal.

Light-Weight: The plastic furniture is very light in weight when compared to wood or metal furniture which makes it easy to be moved from place to place.

Maintenance: The plastic furniture is maintenance-free as once purchased, it doesn't require painting and also it is corrosion free unlike furniture made of other materials.

Versatility: As plastic furniture is lightweight and corrosion-free, it makes the furniture very much versatile as it can be used for indoor, outdoor, children, office, and school uses.

Wide Options: Plastic furniture is available in the market in a number of colour options which gives the user extra options for choice at the time of purchase compared to other forms of furniture.

Environment-Friendly: Plastic is a recyclable material and the furniture made out of it can also be recycled compared to wooden furniture which requires wood from tree barks which leads to deforestation.

Unbreakable: The plastic furniture made out of a good grade plastic very rarely cracks or breaks due to overweight or excessive usage. It also doesn't get affected by climatic changes like rain, snow, and sunlight which make it ideal for outdoor use.

Economical :Plastic furniture is less costly and thus is more economical than any other kind of furniture which includes wood, metal and glass. You can even buy twice as many as you would buy while considering wooden or metal furniture. This makes it an ideal choice especially when you are in initial stages of your business and have fewer funds.

Low-cost: Plastic furniture is undeniably more affordable than other materials. They are also difficult to break while remaining lightweight. High-quality plastic furniture like what UNO Five-E Plastic sells are amazingly robust so you might want to check their designs later on. The plastic furniture also comes in different types, designs, and colors that won’t make it difficult for you to match with your place to set the ambiance.

Take the picture above as an example. Don’t the plastic chairs look great in that setting? It sets the perfect mood for the restaurant while maintaining that elegant and sleek look. With careful planning and design, you can achieve it too as you won’t run out of options and colors to choose from with plastic furniture.

Versatility :Plastic chairs and tables are available in the market in a number of attractive colors and styles, which makes it all the more versatile. Moulded in beautiful and user-friendly shapes with eye-catchy colors and custom designs, plastic furniture business is here to sweep up the market.

Least maintenance :Plastic furniture requires less maintenance compared to wood and metal furniture. There is no need to varnish them or apply a coat of paint every once in a while to protect them.


Plastic furnitures are not that durable as they can easily fall apart. However, with proper care and by choosing high quality plastic furniture, its lifespan can be extended.

Some plastic furniture are unpredictable when it comes to withstanding weight and pressure making them unsafe to use especially among children who have excess weight or suffers from obesity.

Compared to wooden materials which command elegance, plastic furniture sits at the opposite side of the spectrum.

Although plastic furniture do not require cutting of trees for its materials, they are non-biodegradable so all in all, they are still considered as not so eco-friendly especially with chemicals used to manufacture them.

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