Insharefurniture Help You Mix Modern and Contemporary Furniture


For those who struggle with a sense of design and lack […]

For those who struggle with a sense of design and lack any knowledge of design history, it can be difficult to uncover a design style, let alone mix design styles. When considering mixing Modern Indoor Furniture and contemporary furniture, it may be easier if a grasp of the different meanings of each style can be obtained. The problem with this is that in some respects, there may not be mutually exclusive styles and in others, they are very different in concept. The difference between modern and contemporary furniture can indeed be the difference between what was once modern and what is considered to be presently modern. Further, there is also a design style referred to as modern-contemporary.

Contemporary furniture can refer to a collection or group of pieces that are from the same era. In the event that modern and contemporary furniture is being used to achieve an eclectic style, it is easiest to mix the furniture pieces according to basic design rules. Modern furniture is often marked by very clean, deliberate lines and a combination of muted and vibrant colors. Modern furniture works well in open space architecture and may be used to create minimalistic impact while still being part of the overall design. To mix modern and contemporary furniture, use pieces that have similar lines, wood tones or colors.

In an eclectic design scheme, pieces are meant to complement or harmonize with one another. Avoid mixing warm and cool colors and wood tones as well as contrasting patterns and textures. The goal of mixing modern and contemporary furniture is usually cohesiveness, especially in open concept floor plans where several “rooms” may adjoin one another. Keep in mind that period contemporary furniture is not the same as traditional furniture, in that traditional furniture is considered “classic” and the period of its design may not be easily identifiable.