How to Maintain Plastic Garden Furniture


Plastic garden furniture is a great choice for your sum […]

Plastic garden furniture is a great choice for your summer garden, but if you want to prolong its service life, you need to know how to maintain it. First, you should avoid using abrasive cleaning agents. Instead, use regular soap and water. Make sure to clean metal components as well, as rust can occur if they are left exposed.
Plastic garden furniture is also eco-friendly and economical. It can withstand a variety of weather conditions. However, it is not biodegradable, so you need to make sure you dispose of it correctly. You should contact your local council or recycling facility to learn about the procedures and the restrictions. You should also make sure you recycle any old plastic furniture.
Plastic garden furniture can be painted to give it a new look. You can purchase specialized spray paints for this purpose. You should always check for paint spots before you apply a new coat. Moreover, you should thoroughly clean the plastic furniture with soapy water and vinegar solution before applying the paint. These steps should help the paint to blend with the plastic furniture.
You should also wash your plastic garden furniture after every use. The pressure of the water will help get rid of almost any traces of dirt. If the stains are stubborn, you can also use a water pressure machine, but it's best to try other methods first before trying this. It is important to make sure that you clean your plastic garden furniture regularly, or else you may end up with a stain.


Product Color: Grey / Brown / White
Product Material:PP
Product Size:
Chair : 62*61.5*92.5
Table : Φ59.7 H 45.3