How to DIY Rattan Furniture for Your Garden, Home


How to Make Wicker Furniture. Wicker furniture makes a […]

How to Make Wicker Furniture. Wicker furniture makes a beautiful addition to a home or patio, but the price can often be a deterrent. However, you can make your own wicker furniture to not only beautifully decorate your home, but also have the satisfaction of creating it yourself. Follow these steps, then adapt the instructions to fit any furniture design of your choice.

What is rattan?

It’s a climbing plant which thanks to its flexibility is used to create countless objects, from baskets to furniture. It can be braided and bent in several ways to create a wide variety of patterns.

If you want to really train your eye to spot different types of wicker weaving patterns, there may be some worth learning:

Double weaving: Double weaving is the same technique as above, only using two different fiber strands instead of simply one at a time.

Pairing: Pairing utilizes the same basic pattern of Under-and-Over weaving, but adds a twist: a strand (or double-strand) of fiber is added in and crossed between each spoke so that whichever weaver was “under” is lifted to an “over” position.

Waling: This is a weave typically used when building up the vertical spokes of a woven piece. It’s a complicated interlocking method known for creating good strength and allowing the spokes to hold their direction—thus allowing the entire structure to hold its shape well.

Soak the Wicker

Soak the rattan lengths in the water for at least 2 hours, until they are flexible. For the thick frame piece, soak up to 12 hours. Keep the soaking cane out of the sunlight.

Make the Top Frame

Measure the circumference of the table you want to build and cut your frame piece of rattan to length with an extra two inches. Use the knife to cut an angle on one end of the cane, and an opposite angle on the other end so when you bring them around in a circle, the ends come together smoothly. Nail or screw the ends together and turn over the end of the nail. You can use wire for this part which may be easier.

Weave the Top

Lay enough pieces of rattan across the top of the table to be evenly spaced and leave a similar sized gap between each piece. Using the thread, loop it around each piece and the frame to keep all the canes in place. Hammer in small nails to keep the thread in place. When finished, screw all the canes down to the frame.

Seal the Surface

Paint a coat of sealant onto the whole top, including the underside and all gaps and crevices. Allow to dry and apply another coat. If you wish to stain the table, do this before sealing it.

Attach the Base

Depending on the type of base you have chosen, you can screw the top onto it, or use extra rattan thread to attach it to the top. After attaching the top, make sure you seal any unsealed areas so water can’t penetrate.


Apply a thin coat of wax to the wicker project. This helps keep the furniture from being destroyed by the elements and gives it a beautiful shine. Click insharefurniture for more information