How furniture can cope with the wet season


In spring, the humidity is relatively heavy, and furnit […]

In spring, the humidity is relatively heavy, and furniture will encounter damp problems. Furniture, especially valuable furniture should pay attention to moisture-proof in spring, so as to prolong the service life of the furniture.

Moisture-proof points for furniture:

1. Solid wood furniture: use absorbent paper to prevent moisture

Symptoms of resurgence: Nowadays, much solid wood furniture has undergone strict drying procedures before leaving the factory, but this does not mean that moisture-proof care is not required.

Moisture-proof coup: solid wood furniture should be maintained with special cleaners. You can use protective wax or special cleaners to evenly coat the surface of the furniture, and then wipe it gently; or stick it on the surface of the furniture with absorbent paper to prevent moisture; wood-based panel furniture If the edge sealing is not good or damp, it is easy to cause the expansion and damage of the furniture board. Pay attention to waterproofing when using it. Install waterproof pads under the furniture legs that are easy to absorb water, and leave a ventilation distance on the walls near the outer wall and bathroom.


2. Leather furniture: desiccant has the best dehumidification effect

Symptoms of resurgence: The leather of leather furniture will become cold and hard after regaining moisture, and mildew will appear on some unventilated surfaces, which will easily lead to deformation or fading of colored leather surfaces after being damp.

Moisture-proof coup: After each dust removal, apply special mink oil, lanolin, leather oil, etc. on the surface. Wipe the surface moisture with a soft dry cloth, and the mildew can be removed with a mildew remover and then coated with leather maintenance oil; for leather sofas, consider putting some desiccant appropriately to keep it dry.


3. Metal furniture: dry rag and wipe with rust inhibitor to remove

Re-moisture symptoms: Corrosion of metal handrails or feet, especially iron furniture surface discoloration and spots.

Moisture-proof coup: Metal furniture should be regularly scrubbed with oilcloth and mild detergent. Try not to use it in a humid environment, and pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof. If it is wet, it is best to use a dry rag to clean it. If rust occurs, it can be removed with a dishcloth or toothbrush dipped in rust inhibitor, and then polished with a dry cloth; in the case of wrought iron furniture, if rust spots are found, it should be repainted in time, and if there is condensation on the surface, a dry cloth should be used in time Wipe to prevent rust.


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