How do I Care for Rattan Lounge Set


Taking care of Rattan Lounge Set is relatively simple a […]

Taking care of Rattan Lounge Set is relatively simple and involves regular cleaning, in-depth yearly cleaning, and the proper placement of the furniture. In order for rattan garden furniture to remain in good condition, it is essential to treat it to regular cleanings. Most experts suggest using a soft cloth soaked in a gentle dish detergent and water solution to clean the surface of the furniture on a monthly or weekly basis. Tools, such as a small brush or toothbrush reserved for this purpose, may be used to reach into the natural crevices of this material. The technique used to clean the rattan sofa and chairs should minimize the amount of water left on the surface of the furniture to avoid potential water damage. Any furniture with fabric cushions need to be allowed to dry thoroughly before the cushions are properly placed again.

Most gardening experts also suggest that the best care for rattan garden furniture includes yearly cleaning. Like regular cleaning, this process also uses dish detergent and water to effectively remove dirt and dust from the surface and crevices of the furniture. It is advisable to more deeply saturate the furniture with the cleaning solution once a year, however, before using an electric hair dryer to quickly dry the wicker. After the furniture has had ample time to dry, a coat of sealant or shellac should be applied.

It is common for rattan garden furniture to be placed in recreational areas of the home such as the patio, sun room, and deck. While wicker material does very well in humid conditions, it is important for the life of the furniture to limit its time in direct sunlight. Too much sun may very well cause dry rot and severely reduce the look and function of the furniture. Wherever the homeowner chooses to place the rattan furniture, the life of the furniture legs can be prolonged by placing rubber stoppers under the legs to reduce the likelihood of splintering and damage.